Almond Milk Concentrate

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Almond Milk Concentrate


It’s a feeling you can’t forget — the soft and light Almond Milk Concentrate envelops your skin in a blissful sheet of moisture, smoothing skin’s texture and leaving it irresistibly touchable. 

Your skin absorbs twice the nutrition from the formula’s almond milk and oil combo, and the unique pairing of walnut seed and almond extract deliver long-lasting moisture. To top it off, our almond products are an investment in the biodiversity of Provence. 

L’OCCITANE is committed to purchasing almonds from producers in the South of France so the almond tree, which had been long forgotten in the region, once again becomes a familiar element in the Provençal landscape.


1 - After cleansing, warm a small amount of the product in your hands 2 - Massage into the skin with slow, circular movements, always working from your ankles up 3 - Remember to focus on areas you wish to tighten and firm, such as your thighs and stomach area
BUTTOCK MASSAGE 1 - Massage with firm alternate hand strokes, from the bottom of your buttocks to your lower back 2 - Massage with upward circular movements from the outer side of your buttocks to the centre 3 - Repeat until the product has been completely absorbed into your skin
STOMACH MASSAGE 1 - Massage the product onto your stomach using clockwise, circular massages, then side-to-side movements 2 - Repeat until the product has been completely absorbed into your skin
WAIST MASSAGE 1 - Massage the product onto your lower back and waist using upward circular movements 2 - Move slowly from the outer side of your waist to the center 3 - Repeat until the product has been completely absorbed into your skin
ARM MASSAGE 1 - Wrap your hand over your opposite arm and massage with strong, kneading movements from your elbows to your shoulders 2 - Lift up your arm, and with the opposite hand, massage from your elbow to your armpit (concentrating on the back of the arms where circulation is minimal) 3 - Repeat until the product has been completely absorbed into your skin


What smells like a cookie and feels like a dream? The tiny almond has huge nourishing powers. L’OCCITANE has harnessed this exceptional feature in products that will make your mouth water and leave skin feeling silky for days. Made with almonds from Haute Provence, the line feels luxurious and it supports sustainability of almond trees in the region. So get you bath and body care that can do both. Almond


Almond milk Softens
Almond oil Nourishes, softens, helps to preserve the hydrolipidic film
Almond proteins Smooths
Silicon Firming, stimulates the synthesis of collagen fibers (connective tissue of the dermis ), prevents their glycation
Nut extract Firms, protects elasticity, stimulates cell renewal
Tightening ingredient made from almond Immediately lifts and sheathes


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  • Smells soooo good you (or your beau) can't help but smell it all day. Instantly softened my skin. Best applied after a warm bath at the end of a tiring day. :)

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