Pivoine Flora Beauty Cream

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Pivoine Flora Beauty Cream


"The Pivoine Flora Beauty Cream is a fresh and moisturizing body cream, whose rich texture is absorbed quickly into the skin. The skin is left with a satin-smooth softness and the delicate, flowery perfume of peonies. The cream contains a peony extract from the Drôme region of southern France."


Apply to the entire body after a shower or a bath. Massage gently until the cream has been absorbed.


When the peony blooms, it is as if time were suspended. It is no longer a bud, but not yet a flower. In Mr Rivière’s gardens in Drôme, L’OCCITANE captures this fleeting moment when the peony comes into bloom, this elusive instant when everything changes. > DISCOVER NOW Pivoine


Contains a peony extract from Drome (France) Glycerin Tapioca powder


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