Almond Delicious Paste

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  A delicious blend of almond butter and...
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A delicious blend of almond butter and almond oil, infused with crushed almond shells and sugar crystals, this exfoliating butter offers perfect exfoliation for the entire body. This exfoliating butter offers a gentle, yet effective, exfoliation of the entire body, as it luxuriously melts into your skin. Skin is left perfectly smooth and soft, delicately fragranced with the crunchy notes of fresh almond – ready to receive almond body treats.


Apply onto damp skin using light massaging movements, always from bottom to top to stimulate skin microcirculation. Focus on areas that tend to be rough (heels, knees, elbows…) then rinse.

Product Plus: a mouthwatering moist texture that transforms into light milk when in contact with water.
What smells like a cookie and feels like a dream? The tiny almond has huge nourishing powers. L’OCCITANE has harnessed this exceptional feature in products that will make your mouth water and leave skin feeling silky for days. Made with almonds from Haute Provence, the line feels luxurious and it supports sustainability of almond trees in the region. So get you bath and body care that can do both. Almond
Sunflower oil Nourishes, regenerates
Extract of shea butter Protects, nourishes, softens, hydrates the skin
Almond shells and sugar crystals powder Exfoliant and eliminates dead cells and impurities
Sweet almond oil Nourishes and softens (rich in omega-6 and in unsaturated fatty acids)
Essential oil of citrus Purifies, invigorates and stimulates
Extract of rosemary Combats free radicals for an anti-oxidizing action


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