Benefits as a Member

  • PHP 500.00 gift certificate for new members
  • PHP 1,000.000 gift certificate for every PHP 20,000 spend (rewards program)
  • Exclusive invites to private events and workshops
  • Latest updates on promotions and new products
  • Special offers on selected sets or items
  • In-store Birthday Discount: 20% OFF for purchases made in-store or through Rustan's Personal Shopper On Call and SSI’s The Specialist on your birth month*
  • Online Birthday Discount: 10% OFF for online purchases at on your birth month*



For every Php 20,000 purchase in-store and/or online (single or accumulated receipts), VIP members are rewarded with a Php 1,000 L’Occitane gift certificate.

Accumulated Spending*

Gift Certificate Rewards

PHP 20,000.00

PHP 1,000.00

PHP 40,000.00

PHP 1,000.00

PHP 60,000.00

PHP 1,000.00

PHP 80,000.00

PHP 1,000.00

PHP 100,000.00

PHP 1,000.00

*Maximum of 5 gift certificates or PHP 100,000.00 annually. Terms and conditions apply.

**Beginning May 2020, online transactions made in can now be credited to your 20k rewards purchase accumulation. Learn how to make the most out of your purchases by visiting this link.