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Cap Cedrat Spray Deodorant

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This spray deodorant, infused with the zesty and aquatic notes of L'Homme Cologne Cedrat, provides all-day protection and freshness. This blend of vibrant and citrus notes is set over an intriguing base of woody spices. Suitable for all skin types.


After washing your armpits and drying them off with a soft towel, gently spray this deodorant directly against the skin. Give it a few minutes to sink in and dry before getting dressed. Allowing the deodorant to dry will stop it from transferring to clothes, keeping the anti-bacterial formula close against skin to work its magic against body odor.
With its striking appearance and irregular shape, the cedrat is an eminently masculine citrus fruit. Its skin thick and rough, it embodies the very rawness of nature – just like the man it is intended for. L'OCCITANE has placed this mysterious citrus fruit at the heart of its new fresh and energizing range for men. Discover Eau de Cedrat, our new fresh and masculine fragrance, also at the heart of a daily grooming ritual with an undeniable elegance.In addition to its refreshing scent, this rare and mysterious fruit boasts another treasure: a sparkling pulp with energizing properties. Try our skincare range for an invigorated skin. Cedrat