Salimata, shea butter producer & her daughter Mariétou

In Burkina Faso, Salimata transmits her love for the shea tree to her daughter Mariétou: the process of making shea butter is a secret passed from mother to daughter.

Pascale Chérubin, immortelle producer & her daughter Charlotte

Initially teaching agriculture in Corsica, Pascale Chérubin decided to cultivate Immortelle flowers at the age of 39.

Celebrating all the women who play a special role in our lives

Mothers, sisters, friends, advisors, confidents. Nature made women stronger. Nature inspired them and showed them how to be selfless, caring and brave.

The lesson of giving back

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate women and to give back our love to our mothers. We thought about each of them, creating special gift boxes that fit their moods and personnalities: a present inspired by Nature, to honour the most precious women of our lives. 

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