We’ve developed the Shea baby range to be extra gentle on baby’s sensitive skin so you can nourish and pamper your baby’s skin while making every moment of skin-to-skin bonding time last. Shea is a multitalented ingredient that also strengthens baby’s natural skin barrier to protect against dryness, so their skin stays smooth, soft, and healthy.


Selected for its perfect ability to pamper baby’s skin, shea is one of our iconic ingredients. We've been working with it for over 30 years

Natural origin

We strongly believe in the power of nature. That's why we always give priority to ingredients of natural origin and source our very best plant-derived ingredients

Rigorously tested

All our ingredients have been carefully formulated and selected for their gentle properties, to minimize the risk of allergies and respect baby’s delicate skin

Nourish every touch


Shea Baby range meets strict safety requirements. All the ingredients were thoroughly tested and carefully selected for their gentle properties. Over 93% of the ingredients are naturally derived, the number of ingredients has been kept to a minimum. All products were tested under paediatric supervision.


Gentle, loving touch helps baby feel less anxiety and promotes attachment. While you stroke your baby, you also maintain eye contact, kiss, caress, and vocalise, which encourage closeness in a relationship.

What are the benefits for your baby?


Skin-to-skin touch is the most important bonding activity for mom and baby


Gently eases baby into their daytime routine and starts off the day in a positive way


The perfect way to wind down before bedtime and help baby get to sleep with less fussiness

What they’re saying about our baby range


I wanted to find a bubble bath to help calm my baby before bedtime. I couldn’t be more pleased with the Cuddles and Bubbles Foam Cream – it’s so soothing and keeps her skin so soft. It’s the perfect way to end the day with my little girl. Alexandra, 35, New Mum.


I’ve tried a few different moisturisers for my baby, but they were never quite right – either the scent or texture put me off. But the Lovely & Gentle Moisturising Milk is a game changer. It has a lovely light scent, absorbs quickly without feeling greasy. And added bonus, my hands have never been softer! Kate, 28, first-time mom


Massaging your baby just before bed helps produce more melatonin – a sleep-regulating hormone. Bonding Time Massage Balm is perfect to use right before bedtime so your baby gets the deep and restful sleep they need (and you do too!). Dr Alma, Pediatric, Switzerland

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