Essential oils are at the heart of everything we do at L'Occitane. This has been the case ever since 23-year-old Olivier Baussan started distilling the plants of Provence to capture their powerful oils. Our founder began his business with nothing more than a small truck and an alembic – a traditional copper still that he used to steam the precious essence from plants, flowers and herbs. It's time-consuming work but the results are worth it: it takes around 1 ton of Immortelle to create 2 kg of essential oil. Each plant derived formulation has its own distinctive scent along with various benefits. Complementary oils can be combined to achieve enriching blends that meet the needs of different hair types.


It exists different types of Essential oil which can be found  in hygiene and beauty products , however it's worth noting that they can be potent in their purest form, and shouldn't be used undiluted on skin  , They're extracted from plants through a distillation or cold-pressing process and retain a high concentration of each plant’s properties as well as its natural fragrance. This means they really pack a punch when it comes to delivering their benefits efficiently. 

When massaged softly into the scalp, the essential oils in L’Occitane shampoos will penetrate into the fiber And all the while, they're diffusing your shower with their deliciously tangible scents.  


All sorts of essential oils used on our Aromachology range have many benefits for your hair, but one of our favourites is from the angelica plant. We harvest organic angelica plants farmed in Provence – our native region in France. We then use the essential oils extracted from the plant to craft our patented anti-breakage complex. 

This complex works on the scalp and more specifically on hair follicles to deeply strengthen the hair fiber and thus limit the hair breakage. The Angelica essential oil has been added to 4 other essential oils in our Aromachology Intensive repair range such as in our Aromachologie Intensive Repair Hair Care Duo to provide complementary benefits. It offers our patented anti-breakage effectiveness, using a cocktail of five essential oils and an amino-acid derived active ingredient to help repair, strengthen and protect your hair.


Essential oils are known for fragrances that lend themselves to a mindful experience. Our broad selection of hair care products includes essential oil blends that will take your hair wash to another level. Ylang ylang essential oil is known for its pleasantly sweet, floral scent, while juniper has a rejuvenating crisp fragrance. Cedar has a warm, comforting and woody aroma while rosemary smells herbaceous and fresh.

Our sulphate-free Aromachologie Gentle and Balance shampoo gently cleanses hair while delighting your sense of smell with its soothing essential oil complex of cedar, lavender, camomile, lemon and eucalyptus. The refreshing aroma is evocative of a fresh summer’s day in Provence.  


Once you've identified which essential oils have the properties you'd like to harness in your hair care routine, you have two choices. You can either mix some drops in with your hair products or make it easy for yourself and choose a shampoo, conditioner and supplementary products that are created with the finest quality extracts, expertly combined with healthy tresses in mind. 


Essential oils cover an assortment of hair types and concerns. Whether you’re after a gentle cleanser for healthy hair or a nutritious shampoo that helps strengthen the fiber and limits hair loss due to breakage, there’s always an essential oil (or five!) that will help. Look for a restorative blend of oils that will keep you feeling relaxed long after your shower.

And taking care of your hair also needn't be a chore – which is where the signature scents behind essential oils come into play. Wherever you are in the world, the right essential oils can whisk you away to zesty fields of lavender, smoky cedar forests or even the sunny tropics.

An introduction to essential oils in hair care: all you’ve always wanted to know about hair care and essential oils !