Which Hair Care Routine is Right for You?

Select your hair type so we can help you choose the right routine to get better scalp and better hair.


Dry Hair

Say Goodbye to Dry and Damaged Hair

Dryness is due to a lack of moisture that occurs when you use heat devices, for example. With a cocktail of 5 essential oils combined with a highly natural repairing complex, this range will help repair dry and damaged hair.

Step 1: Intensive Repair Shampoo

A silicone-free shampoo that helps repair, strengthen and protect dry and damaged hair.


Step 2: Intensive Repair Conditioner

Helps revitalise, detangle and protect hair from heat styling and chemical damage.


Step 3: Intensive Repair Anti-Frizz Serum

A 3-in-1 serum that tames frizz and protects it against heat devices, for example, making hair smooth and silky without weighing it down.


Brittle Hair

Stronger scalp, better hair

Brittle hair is a result of repeated chemical treatments or habits such as styling and exposure to heat. Hair might easily be tangled and can be difficult to tame. Falling hair is also caused by an unhealthy scalp. The Volume & Strength range works to strengthen fine and fragile hair, so it feels stronger, more resistant, and thicker.

Step 1: Volume & Strength Shampoo

Formulated without silicones, this shampoo works to revive limp strands and bring natural moisture back to the hair.


Step 2: Volume & Strength Conditioner

Enriched with Provitamin B5, this conditioner works to detangle, strengthen, and repair thinning hair.


Step 3: Volume & Strength Serum

This serum acts at the roots immediately after application for stronger, more voluminous, and invigorated hair, without weighing it down.


Normal Hair

Keep your hair happy

If you are one of the lucky ones with normal hair that has not been exposed to chemical treatments or has no specific concerns, the Gentle and Balance range is for you! With its micellar technology, the range delicately cleanses and washes away dirt while protecting and maintaining the scalp’s natural balance.

Step 1: Gentle and Balance Shampoo

Enriched with essential oils of Lemon, Orange, Rosemary, Chamomile and Lavender, its light, fluid texture offers a unique sensorial experience. After wash, hair is left shiny, supple, soft, and delicately fragranced.


Step 2: Gentle and Balance Conditioner

Its silicone-free light, creamy formula offers a silky touch, while its exquisite fragrance awakens the senses for a unique sensorial experience. Also comes in an Eco Refill!


Oily Hair

Keep Scalp Healthy

An oily scalp is caused by an excess production of sebum. Get rid of greasy hair that sticks to your scalp through the Purifying Freshness range. The silicone-free range deeply cleanses and leaves hair feeling light and fresh.

Step 1: Purifying Freshness Shampoo

Bring back the health of your scalp by rebalancing the moisture and sebum levels with continuous use of Purifying Freshness Shampoo.


Step 2: Purifying Freshness Conditioner

Use the conditioner to free the hair of residue and impurities, soothe the scalp and make it comfortable. Hair will feel light and fresh while looking soft and shiny.


Why should you alternate your shampoo?

Did you know your scalp has different needs from your hair? After all, your scalp is skin, while your hair is not! Alternating your shampoo helps rebalance the skin on your scalp, so it becomes healthier!

Which Alternate Shampoo Can I Use?