Indulgent Moments

There’s never a wrong time for a little TLC… When work, family, and plain old life get you down, give yourself a well-deserved boost with a moment of pure indulgence. L’OCCITANE is here for you in your moment of need, to help pamper you from your head to your toes. So take a deep breath, and let it all out.

Bubbles & Baths for Body & Soul

Lavender Bubble Bath


... and dive into the weekend relaxation! Enjoy a rich foaming bath, with its captivating lavender scent, to let your mind escape to Provence, leaving the skin feeling supple and soft.


How to Pamper Your Mind and Your Body

Your body is a temple, so worship it. And sometimes it’s hard to remember to hydrate. But you can fight back with L’OCCITANE’s indulgent collection of body wash and body lotion. They’re easy to apply and soak in quickly, for moments on the go!
Almond Balm for Soft Skin

Love Your Skin

There are times when you want your moisturizing ritual to feel a little more luxurious. Look no further than the almond. It may be little, but the almond packs a punch, leaving your skin feeling silky smooth and smelling like a delicious cookie. L’OCCITANE’s almond range features a variety of sensorial textures – so go ahead, treat your skin.

Almond Shower Oil for Soft Skin

Your Skin’s Guilty Pleasure

Your thirsty alligator skin is begging for moisture – and our Almond range is ready to oblige. If you have to pick only one product to indulge, we’d recommend the Delightful Body Balm. The exquisite texture melts sensually into your rough, dry skin.


Hair Essentials

Beautiful Hair Tips

Hair Care

Did you know that alcohol, diet and stress can wreak havoc on your hair? Turn your hair care routine into a moment to indulge. L’OCCITANE’s Aromachologie line has got your back.

Shiny Hair Tips

Repairing Shampoo

Watching the clock tick until it’s time for vacation… We’ve all been there. Your coworkers have all left for their holidays as you toil away, running on fumes. It’s your moment to shine, at least as far as your hair’s concerned. This shampoo for damaged hair will give them that boost of energy they need to kick off your vacation right.


Say Goodbye to Puffy Eyes

Let’s start with that gorgeous mug of yours… that maybe hasn’t been living up to its full potential lately. When you’re exhausted, it’s written all over your face – quite literally. So every indulgent moment should start with a facial skin care routine. Fight against dark circles and puffy eyes and say hello to a fresh start!
Anti Aging Skincare Women

Time can wait

Life moves fast, but it’s important to make time for some self-care. And “you” time is critical to slowing down the appearance of aging. The natural essential oil from the Corsican Immortelle Flower is the key for our award-winning Immortelle collection, which hits back at all the visible signs of aging to get your look fresh again!

Anti Aging Cream

Divine Youth Oil

Doing something good for your skin doesn’t have to feel like a chore. You can turn your face routine into an at-home spa moment. Close your eyes and experience the sensual textures of the Divine Youth Oil – it melts gently into the skin and helps you find that inner light that’s been dimmed by stress and fatigue. Your skin will thank you.



Feminine Perfumes

Indulge your senses

Isn’t it incredible how a smell can remind you of nice moments or change your mood? Tap into the power of scent for an indulgent moment that helps you disconnect from daily stress. Terre de Lumière is a soft, floral line of eau de toilettes that exudes femininity and serenity.

Women Fragrances Date Night

Romantic Essence

Is romance in the air? Need for freshness? Terre de Lumière Eau is the perfect perfume for tender or revigoration moments. Spritz it for a moment of pure indulgence.