Néroli & Orchidée Scented Candle

Fill your home with a gorgeous bouquet of two precious white flowers. The Néroli and Orchidée Scented Candle creates an intimate...
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Néroli & Orchidée Scented Candle


Fill your home with a gorgeous bouquet of two precious white flowers. The Néroli and Orchidée Scented Candle creates an intimate atmosphere born of the union of fruity neroli essence from the Mediterranean and white orchid absolute from Madagascar. Enjoy the tantalizing aroma in your home for around 30 hours.

The Néroli & Orchidée Eau de Toilette Scented Candle is part of La Collection de Grasse, named after the city of Grasse located near the Mediterranean in Provence.

The city became known as the "perfume capital of the world," by virtue of its expertise over the centuries in the cultivation of aromatic plants, extraction techniques and their combination with precious ingredients from distant lands in the creation of original fragrances.


To extend the lifetime of your candle:

1 - Before lighting your candle, straighten out the wick and trim the wick to 1cm.

2 - Every time the candle is lit, it is preferable to make the wax melt over its whole surface before extinguishing it.

3 - Avoid exposing to drafts. Never burn the candle completely. Dispose when 1 to 2 mm of wax remain in container

Safefy Precautions for use:

Never leave a lit candle unattended - Place the candle on a heat resistant surface - Keep away from children and pets - The tin may become very hot after a long period - Do not burn for more than 4 consecutive hours - Do not move the candle when lit - Never allow the wick to come into contact with the glass.


Inspired by and named after the world perfume capital in the south of France, La Collection de Grasse includes stunning fragrances that combine precious ingredients from lands near and far. Each eau de toilette of the Collection is made with natural extracts, which yield the purest and clearest notes. EXPERIENCE LA COLLECTION DE GRASSE > DISCOVER THE COLLECTION ON PINTEREST > VIEW OUR COLLECTION DE GRASSE PLAYLIST ON YOUTUBE > La Collection de Grasse


Paraffin wax Burns softly with very little smoke
100% cotton wick Non-toxic
Neroli essence from Tunisia Perfumes
White Orchid absolute from Madagascar Perfumes


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