Rose 4 Reines Hydrating Face Mist

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Rose 4 Reines Hydrating Face Mist


Rich in natural rose floral water, this truly refreshing mist quenches the skin's thirst and maintains optimal moisture levels. Its soothing active ingredients reduce irritation and leave skin feeling soft, supple and comfortable again. *Hydration of the upper layers of the skin.


Apply under or over makeup any time of the day, to give skin a boost. Hold at arms length from the face, close eyes and spray onto the skin. Can be used on body, on hair to refresh and delicately perfume. Travel size: the perfect way to maintain hydration while traveling or in air-conditioned environments or in Summer when the weather is hot & dry.


In Provence, there once were four sisters. Their father, the count of Forcalquier, gave them each a rose to tend as they waited for true love. The sisters attracted four kings, who wrote them love letters. They signed each one with the unique fragrance of different roses, a symbol of purest love. Our rose collection is inspired by this love story, with romance and femininity for every occasion. Rose