Beauty Recycling Program PH

Be an Eco Hero by joining our commitment to reduce waste and make the world a greener place.

This year, L'Occitane has partnered with The Plastic Flamingo (The Plaf) to collect your plastic recyclable beauty empties from any brand. If you have any questions, we've got you covered!

REDUCING WASTE: A Story of Respect for the Planet



8m Tons Recycled

8M tons is about how much plastic waste enters our oceans every year

Plastic Recycling

Only 9% is how much national plastic waste is currently being recycled in the Philippines

500 Years

500 years is how long it takes for plastic waste to break down

Reducing Waste

Only 40% is how much national plastic waste is currently being collected in the Philippines, the rest is left to harm the environment.

Small Acts, Big Impact!


Eco Hero Recycling Program




Accepted Beauty Empty Donations


Recycling Program Rewards


1. What kind of donations do you accept?

We accept any kind of empty plastic packaging of beauty products (ex. makeup, fragrances, skin care, hair care, bath & body, etc.) The packaging must be completely cleaned out and dried. Any empty containing leftover dirt, product, moisture, or residue will not be accepted.

If you're unsure if your donation falls under the category of accepted beauty products eligible for rewards, our rule of thumb is that we can issue rewards for any kind of product or its equivalent that is carried by L'Occitane with the additional exception of makeup. However, we may still receive your donations even if they are not eligible for rewards as it helps us in our commitment to reducing global plastic waste!

2. What should I do if my empty has a component made of another non-plastic material (ex. caps, lids, labels, handles, etc.)?

As much as possible, please ensure your donated empties are plastic as we cannot accept empties made of other materials (ex. foil, glass, ceramic, tin, etc.). If the non-plastic component of your empty is easily removable, you may remove it and exclude it from your donation. However, if the component is not easily removable, we may still accept your donation given that at least 80% of the empty is made out of plastic material.

3. What kind of rewards will I receive?

For every 3 full-sized empties donated (at least 100ml) or 6 mini empties donated (less than 100ml), you may receive a 10% discount to shop in L'Occitane, valid for 14 days from date of donation.

4. Where can I drop off my donations?

You may drop off your donations at any L'Occitane store nationwide. There will be designated collection bins located in each store, and you may ask our Beauty Advisors for assistance.

5. How will the donations be tracked?

Upon receipt of donations, our Beauty Advisors will ask you to fill out a log sheet that will be used by the L'Occitane Philippines Team to monitor the donations made. This information will be used for monitoring purposes only and will not be shared with any third-party entities. You will receive an email of the promo discount to show the Beauty Advisor when redeeming promo.

6. Where will the donations go?

All the plastic empties we collect will be periodically delivered to our project partner,The Plastic Flamingo (The Plaf). The Plaf is an organization dedicated to reducing plastic waste by turning it into eco bricks, eco logs, and eco furniture. To learn more about The Plaf and their mission, you may visit them

7. Do I need to be a VIP to donate?

No, you do not need to be a L'Occitane VIP Member to donate your empties. We encourage all our customers to participate in this project, and all customers that follow the donation mechanics will be entitled to the same rewards.

8. Is there a maximum discount?

The maximum discount is capped at P1,000 for a maximum purchase of Php 10,000 in a single receipt.

For more questions and concerns, kindly reach us at We'd be happy to help!