Terms & Conditions


1. Register online or accomplish the L’Occitane VIP Registration Form in any store.

2. To qualify for the VIP program, the customer must accumulate PhP 10,000 worth of purchases from any L’Occitane branch within 6 consecutive months from the date of registration. *purchase accumulation will automatically reset, and customer will start a new 6-month period

3. Only transactions made after the registration shall be credited to the account; accumulated purchases of the customer are non-transferable.

4. A temporary card will be provided to customers to track their purchases.


1. Once qualified, the membership card will be issued to the customer after a minimum of 14 working days upon reaching VIP qualification requirements.

2. An SMS notification will be sent to the member once the membership card is available for pick-up.

3. VIP card must be presented at all times when transacting and availing any of the privileges.

4. Membership is complimentary and has no monetary value.

5. Purchases may include any L’Occitane merchandise items (i.e., regular-priced or discounted) settled thru cash or credit card only.

6. Payments using gift certificates issued by L’Occitane shall not be credited to the purchase accumulation of the member.

7. Membership cards and privileges are non-transferable and can only be used within the Philippines.

8. All transactions from the previous year will reset every April 1 of the current year, and will no longer be credited to the accumulation for Love L’Occi Rewards.

9. In case of card loss or damage, member must immediately notify any of the L’Occitane stores and settle the card replacement fee of PhP 200.00.

10. L’Occitane reserves the right to change the policies and procedures, rewards and benefits, and/or discontinue the program without prior notice. Thus, L’Occitane is not liable for any claim arising due to changes implemented.

11. VIPs are entitled to gift certificates for every tier upgrade attained - Php 500 for Shea, Php 1,000 for Almond, Php 2,000 for Immortelle members.

12. Club membership is not part of the VIP tiering: Shea, Almond and Immortelle


1. Customer must achieve the minimum purchase requirement to qualify for the different tiers: Club: At least Php 5,000 one-time or over the course of 6 consecutive months VIP Tiers: Shea (Tier 1): At least Php 10,000 one-time or over the course of 6 consecutive months from date of registration Almond (Tier 2): At least Php 30,000 one-time or within 6 consecutive months Immortelle (Tier 3): At least Php 60,000 one-time or within 6 consecutive months

2. Rewards (in the form of gift certificates) are earned based on the member’s purchase accumulation.

3. VIP Members can earn PhP 1,000 gift certificate for every PhP 20,000.00 purchase; maximum of five (5) GCs in a year or a total purchase of PhP 100,000.00 for Shea and Almond Members. Maximum of ten (10) GCs in a year or a total purchase of Php 200,000 for Immortelle Members.

4. An SMS notification will be sent to the member once the reward is available for pick-up.

5. Gift certificates are valid for 6 months from the date of issue; not subject to any extension.

6. Gift certificates are transferable and valid as payment for L’Occitane items only.

7. Multiple gift certificates can be used on one occasion and in conjunction with the birthday discount.

8. Lost and tampered gift certificates are non-replaceable.

9. 5% birthday discount can be availed in-store for Club member’s birth month with a maximum purchase of PhP15,000.

10. 20% birthday discount can be availed in-store on member’s birth month and for a maximum purchase of PHP 20,000.00 - one-time use only for Shea and Almond members; maximum purchase of PhP 30,000.00; one-time use only for Immortelle members.

11. 20% birthday discount can be availed in Rustans.com on VIP member’s birth month and for a maximum purchase of PhP 20,000.00; one-time use only.

12. Birthday discounts are not valid in conjunction with any other promotions, discounts or product sales.

13. 20% birthday discount SMS notification must be presented together with the VIP card. BA will delete and text message received after promo has been claimed.

14. 20% birthday discount is valid in all L’Occitane stores except L’Occitane Mall of Asia.

15. Member’s registered L’Occitane email address must be used when logging in/signing up at Rustans.com, otherwise the 20% birthday discount promo code will not apply.

16. All rewards are subject to availability and supply restrictions. L’Occitane may without notice, withdraw or substitute any rewards of comparable value and nature.

17. Immortelle Birthday Celebrants will only be entitled to a curated gift box when VIP is an active L’Occitane shopper in past 12 months from birth month.

For more information on our L’Occitane VIP Program, visit any store near you or contact us at loccitane@rustans.com.