Terms & Conditions

  1. Starting May 1, 2020, purchases of L’Occitane products on Rustans.com are credited as qualifying purchases for the L'Occitane VIP Program.
  2. Online purchase crediting shall only be applicable to registered or existing L’Occitane VIP members.
    1. For new members: Register at https://bit.ly/bealoccitanevip before checking out
    2. For previously registered members (not VIPs): Check out with the registered credentials OR leave an inquiry at http://bit.ly/updatevipinfo
    3. For VIPs: L’Occitane VIP Card No. (LVIP No.) shown in the VIP card must be indicated in the L’Occitane VIP Card No. field prior to clicking Update Shopping Bag or Checkout button. (No L’Occitane VIP Card No., No Crediting Policy shall strictly apply.)
  3. Processing of online purchase crediting will be a minimum of 14 business days.
  4. Existing policies on accumulated spending shall still be applied.
L’Occitane reserves the right to change the policies and procedures, reward benefits, and/or discontinue the program without prior notice; Thus, L’Occitane is not liable for any claim arising due to changes implemented.
To learn more about claiming rewards and privileges, learn more here: https://bit.ly/lep-vip-tnc
For any concerns or clarifications, you may reach out to us on loccitane@rustans.ph